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Joe Woodruff Media is the hub for all of Joe’s online images, videos he appears in or endorses, podcasts of sermons, and any other media.

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Here’s an overview of what you’ll find:

Images – all images are uploaded to this page, with a brief summary of the image, if available. All images are copyrighted by Joe, so please inquire if you would like to use them.

Podcasts – each podcast will be uploaded to it’s own post with a title and either summarized/transcribed. Podcasts will also be uploaded to Joe’s Youtube Channel.

Videos – each video will be uploaded to it’s own post with a title, summary and transcription (if needed). Each video is embedded for ease of viewing.

E-books – Joe is the author of several e-books on marriage and relationships. Summaries of each book appear on this site as unique posts.

Joe Woodruff Background Info

Joe was born in 1963 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. At a young age, Joe became interested in studying the law. He developed profound communication skills and became particularly passionate about words and how people use them to be persuasive.

By the time he graduated Lake Washington High School in 1981, his passion for pursuing a law degree had waned, but his interest in theology had been sparked. He began studies at Ozark Christian College in 1981 and graduated 4 years later, earning his bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. Joe also attended California Graduate School Of Theology, where he obtained his Master of Arts.

Professionally, Joe has been instrumental in starting Bellevue Foursquare Church (Bellevue, 1991), Summit Ridge Foursquare Church (Spokane, 1996), and Sonrise Christian Fellowship (Simi Valley, 1998). He held the position of Lead Pastor at all three churches.

These days, Joe can be found cheerfully leading the congregation at New Vision Fellowship in Beaverton. His unbridled enthusiasm and command of the language help him to entertain, inspire, and uplift New Vision’s members each week.

In addition to his role as pastor at New Vision Fellowship, Joe has built a thriving coaching business that helps keep him busy when he’s not working with the church or volunteering his time to help those less fortunate. You can read more of Joe’s thoughts on his blog.